Top Five Horror Shows

4 thoughts on “Top Five Horror Shows”

  1. Buffy? Really? I don’t know … Lol! I completely forgot about Tales from the Crypt. That really was an awesome show.

    I seriously can’t get enough of the Walking Dead or True Blood. I watch the series for both and have read the entire Sookie Stackhouse series and the Walking Dead: Rise of the Govenor. Totally hooked.

    I guess I’ll have to give Buffy a shot! See what you’re talking about here. Haha. Also, I didn’t recognize the 4th one, so I may have to check that out as well.

    Good article. I love “top” lists. Interesting to see what everyone else is watching in this genre.


  2. You really should give “Buffy” a shot, I think if you like “True Blood” then you’ll enjoy “Buffy” a lot too. I’m glad you’re so into “The Walking Dead”! It’s an amazing show that deserves a larger audience, in my opinion, although it seems to be gaining a lot of support this season. I love the graphic novels too! They’re so well written and the artwork is fantastic. Thanks for the love! I appreciate it!

  3. I had to leave a comment as I cam across this… Buffy?? really? There is only 1 show out there that’s worse.. and that is True Blood. I would have rather seen “Are you afraid of the Dark?” on this list

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