‘Henry: The Portrait Of A Serial Killer’ (1986) Review

4 thoughts on “‘Henry: The Portrait Of A Serial Killer’ (1986) Review”

  1. If you really wanna dive into horrific I suggest “The Last House on the Left” original 1st edition “I Spit on your grave” & to read 2 books one fact “The Hot Zone” by Richard Preston I read this in one session & “American Psycho ” by Bret Easton Ellis this book is so terrifying I couldn’t finish it I wrote a paper on it for my Abnormal Psychology class. The torture & killings Bret describes in this book are so graffic I kept & still do think if he can conjure all these serial killings does that make the writer able to do them? The movie is horrible nothing like the book the lead Patrick w lives many lives & is a true socio-pathic serial killer more horrific than any yet to date.
    The Hot Zone is real it’s in labs all over the world & has been considered for biological warfare it’s a level 4. Bio hazard that turns all human tissues into goo. It’s. Here @ USAMRID near DC & has gotten out before it kills 9 out of 10 people in less than a week. I wanted to thank you for your time &if you do see & read any of these before your next horror. Experience please email me your feedback, Lisa Boccignone RN. TNC ENP. lisa.trauma.certified.rn@gmail.com


    warfare. Its a level 4 Bio hazard kills 9 out of 10 infected by converting all human tissues into liquid goo it’s killing people everyday & is in our country @ ISAMRID

  2. I’ve seen “Last House on the Left” and “I Spit On Your Grave”, but I haven’t read those books! I’ve heard great things about “American Psycho”, it’s on my long list of books to read. Right now I’m reading “The Walking Dead” graphic novels, but I’m almost done. I liked the “American Psycho” movie, but I guess the books are always better. I’ll check out “The Hot Zone”! Thanks for the tips!

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