‘Prometheus’ (2012) Review

3 thoughts on “‘Prometheus’ (2012) Review”

  1. I would agree that Alien is better than Aliens but I definitely missed all the sexual metaphors.

    I praised Prometheus pretty hard in my review, but in the two weeks since my view of it has gotten worse and worse. It was able to really build up pretentious air but that can only carry so far.

    I felt the same way about Avatar, both are undeniably beautiful but are lacking in the long run.

    I also wouldn’t say Noomi Rapace was very similar to Ripley. Ripley was a badass, Shaw just kinda went with it.

    1. I’ve read reviews about the movie, and it seems that the reaction was somewhat 50/50. People either hated it or loved it, so I guess we just took different sides. But I’m glad that you took more time to think about it. Perhaps if I had posted my review sooner, it would’ve been more positive, but I couldn’t decide how I felt about it. I totally agree about Avatar, and actually almost referenced it, but I let it go. I felt a strong comparison of Shaw to Ripley, but I see what you’re saying.

      1. Sometimes when I watch things I just get really similar feelings to other movie. Prometheus just felt like Avatar so much I couldn’t not mention it. I mean,I watched Mad Max last night and for some reason could only think A Clockwork Orange no matter how weird that might have been.

        I always feel uberpositive after watching anything, but I also write the best reviews that way.

  2. You can’t be too harsh on Prometheus. It has a lot to live up to. And you would think that if any director was up the challenge it would be the original, Ridley Scott. It’s too bad that I’ve felt like I’ve seen this movie before and ultimately was way ahead of the story. Humans discover alien, becomes impregnated, and then must survive. Like my pet peeve with zombie films, a half hour is wasted watching the main character(s) figure out and learn that the world is now facing the undead and what a zombie is. I don’t need to see that, I know it already. And I feel like things that don’t need explaining are explained way too much and things that need explaining aren’t explained at all. There are far too many ideas introduced that are never followed up on. Why was the old man hiding on the ship pretending to be dead ?? Ultimately, people wanting a new Alien movie are just confused and those wanting another Alien are left disappointed and thus, no one is satisfied. What a shame.

    PS Space Jockeys were way cooler before I saw this,

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