‘Red State’ (2011) Review

2 thoughts on “‘Red State’ (2011) Review”

  1. I think what he’s saying is most man-controlled organizations are corrupt, whether it be church, or government. I think “Red State” offers ideals about human complexities more than anything definitive, which I think was what he was aiming for. I feel like it was very well executed. It makes you think, and it makes you feel – and I think that’s a sign of a good movie. I give Red State a “7” out of 10.

    I am a Christian and hopefully people understand the vast majority of Christians are nothing like this group. There are a lot of genuine Christians out there, and I think that’s probably why you don’t have that many horror films using Christians as villains. I think if it became a more common trend then it could possibly paint a very inaccurate picture and give the wrong idea to many of the impressionable youth.

    So, while I think it’s okay to have a film like this once in a while, I think it could be a bad idea to make it more mainstream considering that the majority of born-again Christians are good-hearted people who wouldn’t ever wish harm on another person.

    At the same time I am aware that there are a lot of “wolves in sheep’s clothing” out there who claim to be Christians, but practice just about anything other than Christ’s teachings, and principles – and I think that is what this movie drives; my only concern is that some may be influenced to believe the majority of Christians are wolves, when that is simply not the case.

  2. Man, I can’t believe how far the opposite end of the spectrum we are on Kyle Gallner. I have actually been extremely impressed with him as an actor. I think acting is all about the eyes. It’s not the words. It’s the eyes that make me believe you’re the character you’re portraying to be.

    A perfect example are “The Last House on the left” original, and remake…on the original the actor who played Krug sold the character with his eyes; but in the remake the guy tried to sell Krug with his words, and actions, and failed miserably. See the big difference? The guy in the original was truly terrifying and gives the audience the impression he is capable of anything – while in the remake Krug didn’t even feel like a genuine character.

    Point being, Kyle Gallner always makes me believe his characters, and he does it through his eyes. I agree that he has played the same roles thus far, but he’s still young, and has plenty of time to venture out and explore different characters. And I say even if he does continue to play the same roles it’s okay since he’s so good at playing the roles that he does play; similar with Michael Cera. He may play the same role over and over, but he’s really good at playing that same guy – and I’d rather see an actor like Kyle Gallner or Michael Cera play the same type of character than watch some other crappy actor take on the role, and fail miserably.

    But I didn’t know Kyle said anything negative about the original Nightmare on Elm Street; hopefully this was some kind of misunderstanding. I’m going to have to see if I can find the interview.

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