Top Five Horror Films of 2012

9 thoughts on “Top Five Horror Films of 2012”

  1. Some good choices! I never got around to seeing Sinister, and it seems like people either loved it or hated it. I didn’t love The Loved Ones as much as so many others did, but all those other movies are on my list also!

  2. Great list. Still have to check out Excision and am disappointed I didn’t get to see Sinister yet. I put Cabin at the top of my list because I know it is the one I’m going to still enjoy years later. Can’t wait for whatever Ti West does next, love House of the Devil.

    1. Thanks! Cabin was a great choice for the top spot! I’ve seen it at least ten times and I still love it just as much. I hope you get to see Excision and Sinister soon! Please let me know what you think when you do!

  3. Cool blog; I came across it on Twitter when Scott Derrickson retweeted your tweet.

    I hated “The Loved Ones”; it felt like aimless, and over-the-top torture, and that guy should’ve escaped when he had the chance. I hate it when they force characters to make stupid decisions simply to extend the film. My thinking is why not just take the story in a different direction?

    Loved “Cabin in the Woods”, and “Sinister”, but I would probably rank Cabin in the Woods slightly ahead b/c the ending was so much more effective; one of the most unexpected climaxes of a horror film I’ve ever seen, and the message delivered was about as subtle as a hammer to the face. lol.

    But I think I would actually put “Paranormal Activity 4” as my top horror choice for 2012; I know a lot of people were down on it, but each installment of that franchise has rattled me, and the ending of this one actually made my heart race like very few films have ever done.

    “The Innkeepers” had potential as Ti West really knows how to create atmosphere, but just like HOTD, this one fell flat and never did anything; never went anywhere; never had a point, or a purpose; there was not even any real story (FYI: the problem I had with HOTD was the 3rd act and how utterly ridiculous the entire sequence was).

    A 2012 slow-burn type that I feel was more effective was “The Woman in Black” that had some pretty creepy moments; overall not a great film, but is worth a watch.

    A couple disappointments were “The Possession” and “Silent House”. They could have been so much better. Silent House I felt like had a weak ending, and The Possession was cliche to the point it was laughable; my friend and I started cracking up in the theater when the “666” was written on the chalkboard. lol.

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