New Promo for ‘The Walking Dead’

5 thoughts on “New Promo for ‘The Walking Dead’”

    1. What’s your bad feeling? I have a few as well. I loved Andrea in the comics, and I’m afraid they’ll kill her off on the show before they actually show how badass she can be.

      1. With Mazzara getting fired/quitting it makes me worried what they plan on doing with the show next season. I have a feeling they are going to kill off a lot of people and introduce new ones. Hope I’m wrong!

      2. I totally understand your concern, and to be honest, I’m worried as well. Glen was a great show runner, and I’m nervous about what direction the TWD head in. I hope you’re wrong, too! Did you learn any more about why he left? Everything I’ve read says the same gibberish about “differing opinions” between him and Robert Kirkman.

      3. All I heard was the creative differences bit, same thing they said when Darabont left. I’m sure there’s much more to it than that but that is all they are going to tell us. If they keep booting all of their creative talent, the show is only going to go down hill. Shame.

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