New Poster for ‘Evil Dead’ (2013)

4 thoughts on “New Poster for ‘Evil Dead’ (2013)”

    1. Right? Talk about making a bold claim. I’m a little worried that I’ll be let down no matter what because I’ve seen this poster (and the other one) so many times.

      1. what do you think about this remake then all of a sudden talk of an Evil Dead 4? Would love to see Campbell at it again it would just be weird to have this remake almost like the originals didn’t exist and then a brand new sequel along the lines of the original.

      2. I agree, it would be weird. I don’t really get why someone would reboot a franchise, only to keep the original franchise going. It seems like one would replace the other. Also, Campbell said in a Q&A recently that Raimi wanted to do an Evil Dead 4, but decided to do a remake of the first film instead. It seems to me like his fans are really getting to him, and he feels pressured to do an Evil Dead 4 because he admitted that he’s thought about it, so now he has to do it. But if that’s the case, I’d rather him just forget about ED4 all together. It’s hard to love a movie when the director doesn’t love it, too.

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